Why Home Buyers Should Choose Emotionally Intelligent Agents

It’s a beautiful Saturday in San Diego (as always) as a large herd of aspiring home buyers open doors to what could potentially be their next home to raise their family, host backyard parties (post pandemic), or spend the waking days of this nearly year long pandemic in a place that suits their current needs.

Finally…after searching for months, you find the “perfect” home and write that proverbial offer with your trusted realtor, and somehow, the seller on the other side will be blown away with your offer and you can magically move in 30 days later.

How could they not? You waived contingencies, offered 10% above asking price, and you put that cute little picture of your family in the offer packet. Only problem is, nearly every other buyer did the EXACT same thing in this low inventory environment. As you already know…competition is fierce.

What may not be transparent to home buyers is what exactly goes on during the negotiation process between real estate agents. Egos can get in the way, indecent exchanges can occur and an agent’s ability to maintain their emotional control and put their client’s needs first can be a very daunting task when you’re up against 10–20 other offers.

Of course as realtors, we put on a smile and forge ahead after a rejected offer because many of us do have a genuine desire to help people achieve their dream of owning a home. However, as a home buyer, how do you know your agent was able to maintain their emotional control during the negotiation?

They come back to you and say well…sellers went with another offer for reason X, and you move on to the next home. What they may not have told you is when they negotiated on your behalf, the listing agent may have mentioned the offer was very sloppy and your agent didn’t even know how VA loans work. They became upset, lost their emotional control, and may have cost you the home, because their fragile ego was bruised due to the rejection.

These things can and do happen. After all, we are all human (even real estate agents). But what happens next may determine whether or not you get into a home. If you are continuing to work with an agent that lacks the discipline to maintain their emotional control, how can you trust them to negotiate in your best interest? Or even worse, your offer is accepted, negotiations break down in escrow, and you lose a month or even your earnest money deposit in the process.

This is the harsh reality in today’s market. Choosing a realtor to represent you is even more critical today than it was before. It’s not about which agent has the strongest social media presence or the most billboards around the city. It’s about choosing an agent with a high aptitude for emotional intelligence. Any realtor can open a door or write an offer. I have learned from top agents in the business and what I have learned is homes are won or lost on the negotiation table. Those who maintain their emotional control during the process usually gets the home for their client.

San Diego has been home since 1998 and he is blessed to share such a beautiful community with amazing people. DJ specializes in first time home buyers.